Great Uses Of Asian Quilts That Will Give Your Home A Beautiful Style

Posted by Layla on March 30, 2016as ,


Every person wants his home to be one of a kind, warm and welcoming. There are different ways to accessorize your home and give it different styles. Quilts are a great way to make everything more intimate and cosy and there are many options you can choose from.

Kantha quilts are traditional in Asia, mostly in Bangladesh and they are a great way to give your home personality and colour. They can be used in many ways and here are four interesting ideas:

They are a great way to make the sofas more attractive

These quilts are a great way to add a plus of colour in your living room. Drape a sofa with a colourful quilt and the entire look of your room will change. A great advantage of this idea is the fact that it will protect the sofa and this is very important especially if you have small children.

Use them as tablecloths

If you want to decorate a table festive, a quilt can be used as a tablecloth and it will cheer up the whole room. It can go as well as a picnic blanket.


They are an option for pillow covers as well

Your pillows can poop if you cover them in a beautiful kantha quilt. This can be a DIY project if you like working with your hands, but if this isn’t a passion of yours, you can find kantha pillow covers as well.

Dress up the accent pieces in your house

Benches, ottomans, you can even cover a lamp with a kantha quilt. There are many ways to stylish different accessories and furniture items in a more oriental and stylish way.