Methods To Control And Kill Rats In House

Posted by Layla on April 19, 2016



Infestation of rodents is the last thing that you might imagine in your house. It is due to the fact that they make the surroundings unhealthy for living. They also cause damage to your belongings and can also tear up the insulation in ceilings and walls for their nesting. Moreover, rats also spread diseases like plaque and rat bite flu. It is very important to control the rats otherwise they can create a huge mess in your house. It is not a complex process to take out the rats from your house. But first thing you should do is to check the signs of rodent infestation.


Preventive methods



Getting rid of rats is not an uphill task. Orange County is the place where Norway rats and roof rats both are found. Rat control in Orange County is done through several ways. Some simple steps you can follow to prevent rodent infestation are-

  • Control the rats using the rat traps. Rat traps are specially designed to trap the rats. If few rats are there in your house, you can use traps. Put bait in the rat trap in the form of cheese or bread to attract the rats. When the rats enter the rattrap, they got caught inside it and you can easily get rid of them.
  • If you are troubled by the large number of rats in your house, you can use rat poison to kill them. Keep the rat poison in the corners of the house and in the area where most rats live.



You can also call pest control professionals to get rid of the rats if you are not able to control them yourself.