Top Things You Should Know About Asian Bridal Makeup

Posted by Layla on September 29, 2014as

Asian women are famous for being incredibly beautiful and highly made up on their wedding day. As opposed to the Western culture, weddings have a different meaning in the Asian one. It is not only about the union between a man and a woman, but about the union of two families, about the creation of a strong connection meant to last for years and years. This is why weddings mean the world for Asian families, even if the said families have immigrated to the Western world or if they have been living here for many generations.

Some specifics of Asian brides

The Asian bridal makeup is probably the most eye catching aspect when talking about Asian brides. We are talking about the beautiful colors, like reds, gold and bronze. We are talking about opulence and glitz that we often meet in Bollywood films. The main thing that sets this type of makeup apart is the heavy contouring techniques used in order to sculpt the face of the bride. More often than not, the products used for contouring can lead to high dehydration of the bride’s face, but there are Asian bridal makeup London artists who take care to only use organic products which are less hard on one’s skin.

If you want to find out more about why this type of makeup is so special, you simply have to go online and look for some pictures. You will surely notice the huge differences between the Eastern and Western cultures simply by looking at the difference in the way brides look.