A Guide to Select a Perfect Off-road Seat

Posted by Layla on February 14, 2018
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Are you ready to replace your tractor seats? Well, with so many choices around, one can get confused very easily. This article will help you to choose the right suspension seats for your ride.

While choosing an off-road seat with suspension functions keep following things in minds:

Fore and Aft Isolator

Fore and Aft isolator is designed to reduce the vibrations and preventing the jolts from jarring the back during motion. It’s available in both, full and low-profile suspensions.

Shock Absorbers

There are two types of shock absorbers in Grammar seats suspensions:

  • Standard shock – for driver’s seat, offers highest sitting comfort.
  • Adjustable shock – it’s adjustable up to 5 settings (hard to soft) to achieve the desire level of comfort.

Side to side isolator

It’s quite similar to fore/aft isolator, but a low-profile suspension is not available i.e. it comes only in full suspension.  It will absorb lateral movements while operating and prevents your body from experiencing those jolts.

Weight Adjustment

The concept varies depending upon the suspension types. Weight adjustment has two ranges: 110 to 285 lbs and 110 lbs to 400 lbs

  • Mechanical suspension: has ratchet like mechanism and an adjusting knob.
  • Air suspension: use a lever for adjustment.

Height Adjustment

Different operators have different shape and size, which is why the height adjustment can be done according to your needs.

  • For full mechanical suspension, there are 3 settings for adjusting the height.
  • For full air suspension – infinite height adjustment is available.

So, keep these points in mind for choosing a seat that provides you maximum comfort while riding.

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